• Purple Haze Purple Haze
  • Promise promise
  • Limbo GP picotee mixture
  • Diana loving white (blushing white)
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Funnyplums full mixture
  • Solar Avalanche blueberry
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Funnyplums creamy-yellow
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Plumbrella rosy-pink
  • Orangelo Orangelo
  • Supra scarlet
  • Corina purple ice
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Funnyplums red
  • Orange Queen Orange queen
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Plumbrella red
  • Dropshot Dropshot
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Funnyplums orange
  • Dazzling Nights Dazzling Nights
  • Mandarina Mandarina
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Plumbrella full mixture
  • Limbo GP violet picotee
  • Purple Haze Purple Haze
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Plumbrella creamy-yellow
  • Plumbrella, Funnyplums Plumbrella orange

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Press release distribution partnership Hem Genetics and Ameriseed
Published: 21st of June, 2019

By: Rudy Westenberg, Commercial director of Hem Genetics and Jack Kruesarn, Director of Ameriseed

Date: 3 June 2019

Hem Genetics and Ameriseed, Partners in Distribution

Ameriseed and Hem Genetics enter into an exclusive partnership for the distribution of Ameriseed varieties in European countries and the Middle East.

Ameriseed-AFM group, established in 1982 in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, is specialized in the breeding and production of flower seed. Its operations and breeding station are based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Ameriseed has established a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable breeder of different types of African Marigolds, such as the well-known Duck series, Vinca Megabloom and Zinnia Holi, of which various colours have received awards from All America Selections and Fleuroselect.

Hem Genetics, based in Hem, The Netherlands is an innovative breeder with a solid reputation and knowledge of the distribution in Europe and Middle Eastern countries. This partnership determines that Hem Genetics has the exclusive rights for distribution of Ameriseed varieties in Europe and the Middle East. This collaboration will contribute to an even better market coverage of Ameriseed varieties and lead to an expansion of the Hem Genetics assortment.

From 11 to 14 June you can discover the Ameriseed varieties during the FlowerTrials® in the Netherlands, where a number of them will be on display at the Hem Genetics stand at “Breeders Avenue”.