F1 Viola cornuta

Small-flowered Corina has a highly uniform and well-branched plant habit which ensures a good coverage of the pot. Corina is suited for production in spring and autumn and can be used for production in a wide range of pack and pot sizes. Corina exhibits a strong basal branching and mounded plant habit covered with profuse quantities of flowers which continue to produce blooms throughout the season. Five colors are added to the Corina series, bringing it now to twenty colors plus two mixtures.

•Highly uniform in plant habit and earliness

•Non-stretching well-branched plant habit

•Excellent for spring and autumn production

•Perfectly suitable for production in packs and pots

•Profuse quantities of flowers colors all season long

•Available both as raw and primed seed

> Cultural information sheet (PDF)

Life cycle: biennial
Use: packs, pots, containers, beds and borders
Height in pot: 10-15 cm (4-6 in.)
Garden height: 15-20 cm (6-8 in.)
Garden width: 25-30cm (10-12 in.)
Seed count: 1,100-1,400 S/gram, (31,000-40,000 S/oz)
Seed form: normal and primed
Germination rate: 85%

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