Tagetes filifolia

Part of Hem Genetics Edible Ornamentals and Herbs line is our new Tagetes Dropshot. It’s an annual herb, part of the marigold family, that has insignificant flowers. The foliage has a sweet taste but even more noticeable is the strong licorice or anise flavor. Being a more tropical species, native to Mexico, it can be utilized as a tarragon substitute for growing in warm climates. Dropshot grows to a height of about 25-30 cm/10-12 in. and is globular in shape. It branches freely and produces a dense plant of fine, thin tender leaves which can be used to flavor drinks, tea and food, also great just chewed on its own.

Best used from spring through autumn under long-day conditions. Short days trigger flower and seed production, after which the plant dies. Ideal for use in mixed containers for the patio with both herbs and flowers and our patio tomatoes.

•Easy to grow annual herb

•Strong licorice or anise flavor

•Excellent to flavor drinks, tea and food

•Good tarragon substitute

•Strong basal branching, attractive plant

•Produces from spring through fall,

and attractive in the landscape

•Suited for micro-green production

Cultural Information Tagetes Dropshot (pdf

Life cycle: annual
Use: pots, mixed containers, borders and micro greens
Height in pot: 15-25 cm/6-10 in.
Garden height: 30-35 cm/12-14 in.
Garden spread: 30-35 cm/12-14 in.
Seed count: 550-600 S/gram, (15.600-17.000 S/oz)
Seed form: normal, coated
Germination rate: 85%

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