Mambo GP natural dwarf

Natural Dwarf Petunia

Petunia Mambo *GP*

The next generation genetic dwarf petunias are indicated by the characters *GP*, which stands for Garden Performance. Compared to the first generation genetic dwarf petunias, the GPs perform exactly the same in the greenhouse for growers with compact habit for ease of culture without PGRs. The difference in garden performance is noticeable to consumers because they show more growth vigor, resulting in a more robust plant habit with an even better performance in containers, beds and the landscape. Better branching and reduced leaf development provides a better airflow which reduces the risk of diseases, especially botrytis. Mambo petunias are perfect for high density pack production to containers and hanging baskets.

• Very little to no use of plant growth regulators (PGRs)

• Naturally better branching with shorter internodes

• Non stretching during production

• Non stretching during retail stage

• Great performance in containers, consumer gardens and landscape

• Profuse quantities of flowers for garden color all season long.

• Easy to grow and requires little maintenance

• Much less plant splitting /’lodging’ in the landscape as compared to

non-genetic dwarf petunias

• ECO friendly production

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