Lavandula Multifida

Lavandula multifida

Beautiful Lavandula multifida is a fast-growing tender perennial. It flowers the first year from sowing and can produce a flowering gallon pot in only 15-16 weeks from sowing. It has finely cut silvery-grey fern-like oregano scented foliage and stems growing up to 40-6- cm/16-23 in., topped by attractive 6 cm/2.5 in. flower spikes. This perennial Lavandula is not hardy as most other Lavandula species, USDA zones 7-10. It does very well in the landscape as feature plant or as a thriller component in mixed containers. It flowers all summer to frost.

In addition to the violet-blue color, Blue Torch, we expect to be able to introduce a lavender blushing white version in 2020, called Minty Ice.

•Tender perennial, hardiness to USDA zones 7-10

•Silvery-grey fern-like oregano scented foliage

•Suited for gallon pots and mixed containers

•Fast growing and free flowering

•Perfect presentation in the landscape

Cultural Information Lavandula (pdf

Life cycle: perennial
Use: larger pot sizes, gallon containers, beds and borders
Height in pot: 40-60 cm (16-23 in.)
Garden height: 60-70 cm (23-28 in.)
Garden width: 50-60 cm (20-23 in.)
Seed count: 1.400 s/gram, (39.700 s/oz)
Seed form: profi seed
Germination rate: 80%

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