tall, Blue Planet

F1 Ageratum houstonianum

Blue Planet grows tall with attractive large flowers. It grows up to about 70 cm (28 in.), forming strong sturdy stems with numerous branches. This variety shows flower power in the garden, is very suitable for landscaping purposes and is also an outstanding ageratum for cut flower production. Low-energy crop, which can be produced indoors as well as outdoors.

• Tall growing with large blue flowers

• Great for garden sales in gallon pots

• Performs well in landscape as a feature plant

• Perfect as thriller component in mixed containers

• Strongly branching

• Sturdy stems

Cultural Information Ageratum Blue Planet (pdf)

Life cycle: annual
Use: cutflower, landscaping
Garden height: 75 cm (2.5 ft.)
Garden width: 20-30 cm (8-12 in.)
Seed count: 6,000 S/gram, (170,000 S/oz)
Seed form: normal and pelleted
Germination rate: 85%

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