• Solar Avalanche violet
  • Enorma orange with ring
  • Mambo GP red morn
  • Limbo GP burgundy
  • Solar Avalanche apricot
  • Xtradaa blue with blotch
  • Corina yellow red wing
  • Corina terracotta
  • Mambo GP orchid veined
  • Limbo GP mid blue
  • Solar burgundy
  • Cello scarlet
  • Solar Avalanche rose
  • Cello neon purple
  • Solar Avalanche full mixture
  • Solar Avalanche red
  • Xtrada mid blue
  • Xtrada violet face
  • Corina black and white
  • Xtrada blue with blotch
  • Chica flame
  • Enorma red with wing
  • Mambo GP rose morn
  • Mambo GP mid blue
  • Limbo GP sky blue
  • Solar Avalanche pink
  • Limbo GP Heather's mixture
  • Xtradaa blue with blotch
  • Solar Avalanche burgundy
  • Enorma full mixture
  • Enorma orange
  • Solar Avalanche white
  • Enorma yellow with ring
  • Enorma vanilla
  • Enorma yellow

About us

Hem Genetics, a sister company of Hem Zaden BV has been founded in April 1998. With a view to a continued developing consumer trend, away from growing plants from seed to buying plants through supermarkets and garden centres produced by professional growers, Hem Zaden decided to establish Hem Genetics in April 1998. Hem Genetics objective is breeding, development and marketing of both seed- and vegetative raised ornamental pot- and bedding plant varieties, aimed at the professional grower market.

The flower seed catalog on this website is our proof that we have succeeded in developing a comprehensive program of pot and bedding plants in the past thirteen years. A number of novel varieties have been recognized and awarded by the industry associations Fleuroselect, All America Selections and consequently by professional growers worldwide. All America Selections and Fleuroselect awards recognises an ornamental variety for significant achievement superior to others in the market.

Hem Genetics breeding put a lot of effort in its breeding program developing varieties which require less or no plant growth regulators (PGRs). These natural dwarf varieties are marked with the "Low Grow Approved" logo. Up till today we have succeeded in developing two natural dwarf series of Petunia named Limbo and Mambo, one named Geranium Nano and one named Salvia Reddy, making it a total of four "Low Grow Approved" natural dwarf series. These series are recognized as a real breakthrough in breeding work. Hem Genetics is the only company in the world offering natural dwarf varieties. No or less use of plant growth regulators (PGRs) is not only a financial benefit to professional growers. It enables them also to take a step forward in environmentally conscious growing. Hem Genetics will continue to put effort in applying similar concepts where possible in its breeding activities. This in combination with the creation of novel ornamental varieties is our contribution to the world of floriculture.